Monday, September 20, 2010

Sling Bag

I have been wanting to make one for quite some time but could not find the right pattern. I have the big fancy purses for work but hate lugging them around on the weekends or when I go to a festival, fair or quilt show (which I have been going to a lot)
So finally, I found this Tranquility panel in my stash and thought it would be cute for a bag.

So after searching for a purse pattern...... I made my own!

And this is the inside with a cute little pocket.

Then I just cut a curve where I knew the sides would be. It's actually harder to explain
than to just do. I wish I knew how to give instructions because it really only took me about an hour. The red fabric was cut 4" wide.

And the straps are finished at 2" which means I cut it at 4 1/4 for the fold over and seem allowance.
Doesn't this look like something you would find at Target?  Thanks for looking!
And you cannot miss out on all the other projects on Sew Can Do's Blog!


  1. i love this..the panel is gorgeous. you did such a fantastic job

  2. Very cute I've been wanting to make one for our Disneyland trips

  3. I love this style of bag. This way you don't have to worry about it falling off your shoulders.


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