Saturday, September 11, 2010

Longarm status

Here is another quilt that will be going to a little one at one of our local shelters..
I am getting better with the swirls!! So excited how they are turning out. I can't believe how fun longarm quilting is.

Then this happens!
Then this! Not so fun anymore right? The thread kept breaking everytime I would try to do another swirl! I tried new thread, rethreading, rebobbying, cleaning, changing needles. So then I went to a sewing machine shop by my house (it was my first visit) and he told me that I probably have my quilt on the frame too tight! Hello?  that makes sense because sometimes the machine is a dream to sew on and sometimes it will just break the thread for no apparent reason??
So for my next quilt i need to acknowledge that!  
But I did manage to do wavy lines thru the quilt. I think it turned out so cute!
Now I need to attach the binding then you will see pix of the entire quilt!
thanks for looking!


  1. i would be so thrilled to have a long arm to use...this looks great!!! i love those wavy lines

  2. your swirls are looking fabulous! I have had that same problem before and I just have to remind myself that the quilt doesn't have to be so tight :)


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