Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sampler Quilt

I have been looking for a quilt to make that requires little piecing and patchwork. I think I've found it! I hardly ever use a pattern because I hate being restricted and following directions but I want to make a quilt that takes a lot of effort so I'm going to follow this pattern. I don't care too much for the color scheme so my colors are going to be red/pink values, cream and brown/taupe.

This is what intimidates
me about patterns...
And it is very small so your measurements have to be percise or it won't turn out.
I tried to make this 1st block and the squares did not line up. There are 32 blocks!! This quilt will probably take me a couple years to finish.

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  1. I love your sampler pattern! What a great idea to have every other block be a courthouse steps! I might try that for my sampler quilt...I have no idea what I'm doing for a layout or how many blocks to make.


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