Friday, January 17, 2020

Get a Hobby!

Hobbies help you improve your mental health and well being because you're engaging the creative network in your brain, you are challenging you mind and keeping it sharp.

Its also a stress reduction. When you concentrate on your hobby it is clearing your mind of other distractions.

It makes you happy! It makes you interesting!

If you are married its important to have other things, separate things that make you happy. 
Don't rely on your spouse to make you happy. You both need to find happiness in the things that you enjoy and since happiness is contagious it will rub off on your spouse. You also need to give your spouse space so they can enjoy things they love to do, its important to keep your identity in a marriage! You can still "find yourself" while being married. (I've been married over 20 years)

You don't need to rely on people to make you happy! People will let you down, they have there own obligations they have to tend to so if you are always waiting around for others to entertain you may get discouraging and make you sad....don't stay in that zone. 

Lastly, you need something to look forward to. I don't like working in an office all day but knowing that 5pm will hit and I can do what I love balances everything out.

Here are some of my hobbies....

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