Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas tie

So even though I have not posted much lately does not mean I have not been busy.  I have been making skirts, pillows, head bands...I'll have to show some more later but for now....

I wanted to make something for my pup to wear on Christmas Day
He doesn't like wearing things so I just made a colar and tie.
Don't you think he looks so cute? haha

It was so easy! If you know how to make a prairie point then you can do this, it seriously took me 5 minutes for the tie part. Then I just gathered it at the top then wrapped the fabric around the top.

I had a mccalls pattern for the colar.  Then I just attached the tiny button clasps for easy on and off.  Sorry I don't have a better explanation, I'm horrible at trying to explain things.
Thanks for looking!

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  1. who needs a better explanation when the picture is so darn cute!! Thank you for sharing! Merry, merry Christmas!


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