Saturday, April 24, 2010

gettin' into trouble

So we are putting our house up for sell, we are ready to go bigger so that is why I have not been sewing lately, I am trying to keep every room clean and if you are a quilter you understand that sometimes your sewing room can look like a tornado came thru by the end of the day.
So all I have been doing is touch up painting, spackling, and just fixing things up...well my husband remodeled the bathroom and I was so impressed with the tools he kept pulling out of the garage, I never noticed them before and never realized all the tools we have! Of course every tool he pulled out...the wheels in my mind were turning..just thinking about what I could do with those tools!!! hAha. WELL THIS IS WHERE THE TROUBLE COMES IN....
You have to check out this website I found...

Knock Off Wood

I love it! This is right up my alley, I want to get started right away on this bench

You haven't seen the last of me HAHAHA (deep laugh)

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  1. my husband recently made me the headboard on the lead page of the blog and i can not wait to get it painted and in the room....there are so many awesome things on the blog.


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