Sunday, September 27, 2009

I did it!

I saw this quilt and the quilt show that was absolutely amazing! I wish I had a pix of it. It is called Stars around Town and they are different blocks that have bridal shop, ice cream shop, train station etc. This is the first block I did cuz it was the easiest, it is the pet shop. Although its not perfect (cat only has one ear-haha) I am still happy with it! I took my grandmother with me and we had so much fun. Look at all the fabrics I got.....

I love this one with the roses, it's like a 50's retro modern design...

What makes this fabrics even more great is that each piece was only $1.00! Usually they are about $2.30-$3.00 So you can see how much I actually saved by how many I got!


  1. WHAT? You got Urban Chicks Swell at $1.00 a yard? So jealous! And what a fun blog, thanks for stopping by mine, I love meeting new bloggers!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my photo blog. I am drooling over your sewing skills. You crafty thing you. I'd also recommend that you finish reading marley and me, just do it in a room on your own. I too am a dog person... I hope you'll continue to stop by and comment. It's so nice to hear from unbiased bloggers.
    Take Care and Thanks Again,


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