Sunday, March 22, 2009

a new hobby...

So what I have been doing lately is sewing and stitching...and stitching and sewing!
I made this table runner but it's not on my table. It turned out kinda cheezy.... I think I should put a border on it. Oh well, it's my first runner. Then I made this pillow, I love hand embroidery, its so much fun.

Any who... I have a lot of other projects to post, they are obviously better than these, the more I do the better I get! So don't judge my work on these ones!

And of course Zuko is with me every step of the way!

Pillow case dress

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  1. AAwwwww!!! Puppy is so precious! I love sewing, although I hadn't done it in years.I don't have a sewing machine now.


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